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Roberson Liquid Metals

Roberson Liquid Metals have been developed in partnership with artists and designers to provide a broad range of 58 clean, bright metallic colours. Roberson Liquid Metals are valued by artists and designers for their strength of colour and covering power. Architects and interior designers specify the colours for innovative and high impact design schemes in houses, bars, night-clubs and restaurants. Roberson Liquid Metal paints are acrylic based and can be used by printmakers for silkscreen printing.

Roberson Liquid Metals are water-based and simple to use, covering almost every surface with ease. The colours are permanent. They will not fade or darken with time and can be recoated when touch dry. The paint forms a flexible and durable film, leaving a paint surface with brilliant lustre, with no need to varnish. All colours are intermixable.

Roberson Liquid Metal paints are available in 30ml jars and 250ml pots (limited colours).

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