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Sennelier Oil Pastels

In 1949 Pablo Picasso asked Henri Sennelier to create a new medium that had qualities of oil paint and soft pastel in an easy to apply stick form. This collaboration gave birth to Sennelier Oil Pastels; pure and intense drawing sticks, with a completely new form of consistency and smoothness.
Apply colours directly. Mix colours on support, blend with a rag or even your finger. Dilute colours with turpentine, and blend them with a brush. Colours may be sculpted with a pre-heated palette knife. After heating, adhere and inlay pigments, sand, sawdust, wood, paper, glass or metal into moist colour.
Suitable for a large variety of supports: paper, canvas, cardboard, chipboard, cork, wood, plywood, masonite, ceramic, plaster, metal, plastic, glass and photographic prints.