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Schmincke MUSSINI

30% off all Schmincke MUSSINI® colours except metallics. We are discontinuing this range, so this offer is while stocks last. We will be able to order individual colours, but at a non-discounted price.

Schmincke MUSSINI® artists’ oil colours are based on a Florentine recipe, passed on to the German company Schmincke in 1881, in which excess oil is replaced by natural resins. The result is a balanced range of 108 colours with improved brilliance and lustre especially suited to working in glazes.

MUSSINI® are unique artists’ colours produced by means of a particularly sophisticated manufacturing process to meet the very highest requirements. They contain only the best traditional artists’ pigments as well as several outstanding newly developed artists’ pigments; each in the highest possible concentrations and in pure form. These outstanding formulations result in artists’ colours of the utmost brilliance and purity, which also mix more readily than premixed colour tones based on a limited selection of pigments.

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