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Nitram Stylus charcoal holder, with 4 charcoal sticks




This Stylus Charcoal Holder from Nitram is the perfect tool for artists who love to draw with charcoal. It is especially useful for artists who prefer a cleaner way of working, as the advantage of Nitram is its ability to not crumble or skip when used expressively.

This set features:

  • Nitram Stylus charcoal holder made from medical grade stainless steel and high-grade polycarbonate
  • Five charcoal sticks of an assortment of four charcoal leads perfect for all types of sketching, from life drawing to nature studies: Fusain square stick charcoal H, HB and B, and Petit Batons 6mm round stick charcoal
  • Four colour coded caps. These caps are secured onto the end of the holder, helping you to identify which charcoal is in the holder.

The stylus holds your charcoal sticks firmly and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, or between your fingers. The stylus has a good, comfortable weight which allows for a great deal of dexterity when drawing. The stylus allows for big, gestural drawing strokes for large-scale work, as well as precision marks for finer detail. Changing between the different grades of charcoal is easily done by loosening the collar and removing the charcoal from the clamp. There is very little chance of breaking the charcoal stick when you remove it.


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