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Amate Bark Papers

Handmade artisanal Amate Bark Papers made in Mexico in the ancient tradition of, and by the Otomi Indians. The paper is created from the bark of the amate wild fig tree (xalama), the nettle tree (jonote), and the mulberry (moral). Each type of bark produces a different tone of colour, ranging from coffee browns to silvery whites. The pulp from these barks are often combined to produce a swirling marble effect. The bark is then boiled in a solution of lime juice for several hours, and then strips laid on a wooden board. The strips are beaten until they fuse together to form the desired texture, then dried in the sun.
This acid-free and renewable paper is a wonderful choice for use in fine art including painting, ink and pastel drawings, crafts, invitations, cards, decoration and bookbinding.
Sheets are 15.5″ x 23.5″

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